I really hate when people write about themselves in the third person. Especially on LinkedIn pages and website portfolios. But as the landing page said, this website isn't finished. So until then, accept this apology and bear with me and this pre-exisiting bio:

Ryan identifies as a resident of Chicago, though only keeps a storage locker there on North Avenue. At twenty-one he dropped out of film school and has spent the following two years balancing his creative endeavors and freelance projects with a salaried role in advertising. He’s been in Atlanta for the better part of the last 11 months working from Coca-Cola’s global headquarters as a photographer, filmmaker, and editor. During his stay in the south, he has learned that the summers become humid enough to pull the wrinkles from your clothing and has started a publication working to document Atlanta's rapidly growing creative communities as well as its gentrification.


contact me: hello@ryan-chun.com